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Client Forms

Client Information Form

     This form is filled out for first time clients to determine the best route of care. And for existing clients, if your medical history changes it is very important to inform your therapist about these health updates. During the massage session, it is very important to me that you feel very relaxed and comfortable with the pressure, temperature, etc. and please communicate any issues with the therpaist. This will maximize your health benefits and prevent soreness after the massage.


Body Map for Clients 

     Print the Body Map Form. Locate your Troublesome Areas on the Body Map and Return to next session. This form is perfect to use when you have chronic (long-term) or acute (short-term) pain that is hard to describe or locate.


Client Feedback Form

     Your feedback is very important to me. Fill this out and return or mail into office. Emails are also welcomed. My goal is constantly developing my business to be more efficient and customer friendly while creating a healthy, safe and healing space to nurture the spirit, sooth the mind, relax the body. I strive to provided the highest quality of products to protect the skin. Your feedback helps me if I am meeting my goal. Thank you in advance!


Aromatherapy Client Information Form

      A form to have a customized aromatherapy session. Once your primary goals are determined, we select a range of essential oils and perform the olfactory test. You are able to choose the perfect aromas for your blend. Blends can be in many forms (concetrated, diluted in carrier oils, lotions, butter, salve, spritzer, salts, etc).  


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